Kingdom Business University (KBU) is a global world-class training and development platform that propels people to fulfill their God-given purpose in the marketplace. We accomplish this by teaching innovative business best practices built on eternal Biblical principles that result in profitable and sustainable businesses. We do this in the following ways:

  1. Activate the purpose, dream, vision, and calling that God has for you to fulfill in the marketplace and your community.
  2. Cultivate Christ-like entrepreneurial leaders with Kingdom principles and business best practices.
  3. Create empowering learning experiences that inspire Kingdom advancement.
  4. Innovate using interactive video training platforms.


KBU offers some special benefits to you:

  1. Video based courses that make the content more engaging
  2. Access content on the go to fit around your business schedule
  3. Gain skills and knowledge from the latest business best practices
  4. Only the specific information you need without the fluff
  5. Short courses that are only 6 to 8 units so you have a definitive beginning and ending
  6. Instant access to a private online portal for all of your courses
  7. Multi-media content for different learning styles.
  8. Accessible through our mobile app so you can learn on the go at your convenience (click here)

Please let us know how we assist you. Enjoy your journey!

Online Courses